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Awara Seeds, jack bean, ceylon jack beans seeds from sri lanka




Family Name Fabaceae
Scientific Name
Canavalia enisiformis (L.)

Common Names
Jack bean(E), Awara(S)

Edible part Pod
Curry with dhal/ dried anchovy fish, Mature pod not eat- cook seeds of matured pods,

Before cook, boil and remove water to remove toxic compounds

Medicinal values

and other importance

Rich in Protein——————-

. Pods are up to 36 cm long and contain 1-2 cm long, ellipsoid seeds. Pods and seeds are edible and used for food, the young pods being cooked as a vegetable. The whole plant, the pods and seeds are also used to feed animals.Jack bean is used in conservation agriculture with maize and cassava. It is generally recognized as a soil improver. In Mauritius, it is ploughed in for green manure for sugar cane after flowering

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3 seeds, 6 seeds


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